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Poland: Mum in the Labour Market

En gruppe mennesker samlet i en ring for samtale© Mum in the Job Market
The Employers of Lublin Area “Lewiatan” implements a project to support the professional activity of women and the ability of employers in Poland in cooperation with their Partner, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).

The project Mum on the Job Market improves the cooperation between social partners and public authorities on labour market challenges. It facilitates access to employment for disadvantaged women and allows them to reconcile the role of mother and employee.

The Employers of Lublin Area 'Lewiatan' is an independent employer organisation and member of the Confederation Lewiatan - the most important confederation representing the private sector in Poland.

The Lublin organisation employs women only. They notice the challenges women face in the labour market compared to men, especially mothers. As an employers organisation, they are also aware of the discrimination of female workers in hiring.

The implementation of the project started in December 2019. Even if there has been a pandemic since then, it brings significant results.

Impressive Results of Training

As part of the project, 30 women and 40 employers took part in a pilot training aiming at teaching women how to manage their career effectively and teach employers and managers how to acommodate their female employees.

The project tested a training course using various workshop methods. The training course contained separate training for women and employers. It then combined workshops for women and managers using the method of Circle of Viewpoints.

A woman participating in the training says that:

"This course has made me aware of my strengths and visibly raised my self-confidence. I know also better my weaknesses I can work on. I am convinced that being a mother has enriched me not only as a person but also as a competitive worker.”

She continues:

“A circle of viewpoint and joint workshops with employers have shown the challenges connected with running a business”.

Grassroots work for a change in mentality

"We intend to change the way of thinking about motherhood and break stereotypes." says Paulina Wojdak-Działa, project coordinator.

"We are aware that our project will not bring an immediate change, but our intention is that our project will be at least a small step to this change."

Apart from training, the project conducted a desk study and an information campaign in the media to improve understanding and knowledge about the issue among employers, employees and public authorities.

The desk research presents results from various studies and describes advantages of employing workers who reconcile the role of a mother with a professional career, as well as good practices in companies.

The information campaign uses different channels to reach the public, like radio, internet, social media and press

All these activities should result in strengthening the position of women on the job market and convincing employers how much their business can gain by employing women workers.

The project also plan to broaden their experience through a study visit to Norway and a visit by the Norwegian partner to Poland.

The Social Dialogue Decent Work Programme

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants as part of the Social Dialogue Decent Work Programme.

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