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With the support from Norway Grants Delicia is ready to open a new chapter in their business journey

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Delicia specializes in the production of organic and sugar free biscuits.
Delicia, a small, family-owned business from North Istria specializes in the production of organic and sugar free biscuits that are not only good for health, but are also “good for the palate”, thus delicious taste of their biscuits fully justifies the brand name. With the support from Norway Grants, Delicia fully modernized their production and is now poised to make a groundbreaking leap in their business.

Absolute Beginners in the Niche

Delicia embarked on its business journey nearly 30 years ago, when the Horvats - a young couple from Buzet recognized a significant gap in the market for organic and sugar-free biscuits in Croatia and neighboring countries.Despite lacking prior experience in this niche, they dedicated considerable time to studying its intricacies and demands. They went the extra mile by seeking guidance from a professional to grasp production technology and know-how transfer. Eventually, feeling sufficiently confident, they launched the business. Setting up a production in Ms. Horvat's mother's house, they acquired the necessary machinery for small-scale production and were ready to kick-start their venture.

Recognizable brand, Synonym of Quality

It turned out to be perfectly timed for the market entry. Through relentless dedication, constant market vigilance, and a flexible client-centric approach, they swiftly cultivated a distinguished and widely recognized brand of organic and sugar-free biscuits. Their efforts bore fruit, propelling Delicia to the forefront of the industry, making it recognizable not only in Croatia but in neighboring countries as well. Today, Delicia stands as a synonym of quality and exquisite taste in its niche.

Their product line changes constantly, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction and adaptability to market trends. Presently, they boast a diverse selection of over fifteen wholesome biscuits, catering to various dietary needs. Whether it's for those on restrictive diets or individuals with health concerns, Delicia offers guilt-free indulgence with their range of organic and sugar-free options.

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Delicia prduces a wide range of biscuits.

Before product launch flavors pre-tasted by employees, family, friends and clients

Among their offerings, Delicia features biscuits crafted from whole wheat, infused with flavors like coconut, cocoa, and ginger. They also showcase a unique delicacy: truffles, a specialty of North Istria. By incorporating these regional treasures into their products, Delicia not only diversifies its range but also promotes the Istrian Region, contributing to its branding and recognition.

Ensuring each product maintains impeccable quality and delectable flavor is paramount to Delicia. Before launching a new product, they seek for the feedback from their employees, family, friends, and loyal customers. This meticulous approach has yielded outstanding results, with their biscuits earning excellent reviews and fostering irresistible cravings. Consequently, sales continue to surge steadily, testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Among their offerings, Delicia features biscuits crafted from whole wheat, infused with flavors like coconut, cocoa, and ginger.

A word of wisdom with each package

At Delicia, they infuse a personal touch into every product. Each package comes with a small paper bearing a profound life wisdom message, designed to uplift spirits and add an extra sprinkle of sweetness to life. Customers can contribute to this tradition by submitting their own quote suggestions via email to Delicia. Those whose quotes are selected for inclusion receive a special package of biscuits adorned with their quote, delivered straight to their doorstep as a token of appreciation.

From grocery shops to cafes

Delicia's delectable products can be found on the shelves of numerous grocery stores and health food outlets across Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, and beyond. For those seeking convenience, their delicious biscuits are just a click away through Delicia's online store. Alternatively, you can savor them firsthand at their brick-and-mortar stores. Should you find yourself pausing for a coffee break in Buzet or anywhere else in your travels through Istria, don't be taken aback if your beverage is accompanied by the delightful addition of Delicia's biscuits.

New equipment with the support from Norway Grants

To meet the surging demand, Delicia pondered relocating to a larger production facility. As orders piled up and "Mamma's Production House" began to feel cramped, they secured a spacious new premises, this time close to the main road, so if you are passing through Buzet, you cannot miss them. With financial arrangements in place, construction commenced promptly.

However, they also recognized the need to invest in state-of-the-art equipment to streamline production. Faster baking, cooling, and packaging processes were essential to overcome existing bottlenecks and keep pace with demand.

Fortunately, Delicia's needs aligned perfectly with the release of the Norway Grants' Business Development and Innovation Croatia's Third Call for Proposals. Seizing the opportunity, they submitted an application, and were successful. With an investment exceeding €370,000, they secured €222,000 from the Norway Grants. The five pieces of machinery arrived just recently and were promptly installed in the newly completed production hall, spanning an impressive area, and painted in brand’s signature color.

Opening of Delicia factory© Innovation Norway
Opening of the new Delicia factory.
Picture from factory visit© Innovation Norway
Factory visit!

Successful project ending marks the new Chapter in Delicia’s business

“The past six months have been incredibly hectic, and the pressure was palpable as we juggled countless details. However, we're very happy to announce the successful completion of this project. It signifies a monumental leap forward for us, marking a fresh chapter in our business journey," states Mr. Dražen Horvat, his face reflecting a blend of relief, pride, and satisfaction.

And there's every reason for his sentiment. This investment signifies a pivotal shift in Delicia's market positioning, propelling it toward rapid growth.

Norway Grants through Business Development and Innovation Croatia aims to support promising companies with impactful projects, fostering the enhancement of Croatia's economic competitiveness. We take pride in knowing that through our Programme, we make tangible change in the businesses we support, positively impacting lives of so many individuals.

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