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Transforming Dairy Waste Into Green Energy

Production facilities Dairy Waste© Innovation Norway
MJ Dairies Ltd., a leading Bulgarian dairy producer, partners with the University of Stavanger with an aim to boost competitiveness and champion environmental sustainability. Fueled by the EEA and Norway grants the project targets a revolutionary shift in dairy waste management using innovative green technology. The outcome has been an increase in competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises within the focus areas Green Industry Innovation and Welfare Technology.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Dairy Production

In the heart of Bulgaria, MJ Dairies Ltd. produces 20 million liters of raw milk annually and contributes significantly to the dairy market. However, with growth comes responsibility, and MJ Dairies has been determined to lead the way in sustainable dairy production. The EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 provide the financial backing for the company's project collaborating with the University of Stavanger.

Environmental Innovation for Increased Production

With a focus on the Green Industry Innovation and Welfare Technology sectors, MJ Dairies has invested in an innovative installation for full-scale treatment of biological waste and wastewater. This investment not only addresses environmental concerns but also doubles down on increasing production capacity. By incorporating secondary processing, the company aims to produce biogas, replacing 80% of the current natural gas consumption. Effective wastewater treatment, waste reuse, and a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions aligns with MJ Dairies' commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

The Role of University of Stavanger in MJ Dairies' Sustainability Project

The project, with its collaboration with the University of Stavanger, plays a crucial role in fostering bilateral ties between Bulgaria and Norway. This partnership facilitates the exchange of knowledge, introducing resource-efficient wastewater treatment technologies to the Bulgarian dairy company. The Norwegian partner's expertise and support are invaluable, contributing to the project's success. To follow up the remarkable success of the two project partners, the Innovation Norway team conducted the project a visit in January 2024. Innovation Norway's project visits creates a platform to showcase the outcomes achieved by the EEA Grants, with a primary objective of exchanging insights and fostering further collaboration.

Showcasing Success

The ongoing project paints a good picture of the positive impact of the EEA and Norway Grants, fostering collaboration, sustainability, and economic growth. The work done by MJ Dairies and the University of Stavanger serves as a model for future initiatives,highlighting the importance of continued support for the EEA grants, promoting bilateral partnerships and the exchange of innovative solutions for a greener future.

Innovation Norway project visit Dairy Waste© Innovation Norway
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