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SMEs Growth, 2nd Call

The SMEs Growth is now closed.

Deadline: September 17th 2020, 14.00 EET.

Call for Proposals on SMEs Growth (in English) (updated 08.04.20).

Call for Proposals on SMEs Growth (in Romanian) (updated 08.04.20).

Note: Certain attachments are currently under revision and will be added when completed.

Mandatory attachments to the project application:

  1. Expected outcomes of the implementation of the project (updated 25.08.20)
  2. Detailed Activity Budget (updated 28.07.20)
  3. Disbursement Plan
  4. Project Implementation Plan
  5. Procurement Plan
  6. Letter of Commitment
  7. Business plan
  8. Draft Partnership Agreement
  9. CVs of the project management team
  10. Self-declaration regarding undertaking in difficulty
  11. Self-declaration regarding clean tax and criminal record of the Applicant (and Partner(s) - if relevant)
  12. Communication plan (updated 03.04.20)
  13. Relevant registration certificates (no template available)
  14. Certified annual financial accounts (no template available)
  15. Annual report for year 2019 (no template available)

Essential Reading for Project Applicants

  1. Standard Terms and Conditions
  2. Project Assessment Criteria and Methodology (updated 05.05.20)
  3. Guidelines on Cross-Cutting Issues
  4. Communication Guidelines (updated 10.04.20)
  5. Glossary of Terms (updated 07.06.20)
  6. Conversion Guidelines Emissions
  7. Guideline for Detailed Budget and Financial Forecast (updated 30.04.20)
  8. FAQ - Business Programme - all countries (updated 06.07.20)
  9. Top Most Common Mistakes
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