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SDDW Interim Reports

The Project Promoter shall submit Interial Reports, containing information on the project progress and incurred expenditures, at least every six months.

Interim Reports/Final Report must cover minimum three and maximum six months. The timeline to submit reports is set by the Project Promoter in the Disbursement Plan.

Interim Reports/Final Report must be submitted exclusively through the on-line Reporting Platform and include:

  • Scan of signed narrative Interim Report or Final Report
  • Scan of signed Financial Report with updated Disbursement Plan
  • Excel file of the Financial Report
  • Audit report in English (only for the Final Report)
  • Bank statement for the project account(s), covering the reporting period

All data provided must be consistent with the project documents, including but not limited to the Detailed Activity Budget, Disbursement Plan and Project Implementation Plan.

Guidance documents for the submission of Final Report:

Project modification

With the exceptions stipulated in paragraph 7.3 of Standard Terms and Conditions, any modifications of the project shall be subject to Innovation Norway’s prior written approval. In case you intend to request for project modification, please send an email to the case handler responsible for your project, with a copy to the Programme email address. Depending on the scope of modification you will be requested to provide a written justification and update of selected project documents.

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