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Romania webinar - Training and Awareness - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

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The Energy Programme in Romania has launched an open call on Training and Awareness - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Innovation Norway held a webinar that presented the Programme, the call, state aid regulations and answered questions. Check out the recording and presentations  The webinar was followed by a matchmaking for Romanian and Norwegian participants to discuss cooperation in bilateral projects. Participants who sign up can book meetings until May!

Matchmaking - Book Meetings until May

A total of 160 participants had signed up to the webinar and signalled their interest in cooperation.

Those signed up, can access the profiles of the other participants in the B2Match platform, contact them and book meetings, either within the B2Match platform or separately with the contacts available.

If you had not signed up, you can sign up now. You will gain access to profiles with contact information and book meetings:

Sign up to B2Match here!

If you are still looking for a partner in Romania or Norway, please contact Innovation Norway and we will be happy to assist in any other way!

Agenda for the Webinar

  • Welcome and introduction to the Norway Grants and status of the Energy Programme in Romania
  • Programme Focus, Eligibility Requirements, Grant Rates & Partnership Opportunities
  • Applicable state aid regulations
  • How to fill in the Detailed Based Activity Budget
  • Q&A

Presentations at the Webinar

See the consolidated power point presentation HERE!

Call for Proposals

The call will make available more than 3,000,000 euro to Training and Awareness projects in the areas of:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency

Project Partnerships

The call aims to train and increase the awareness of Romanian entities and increase their cooperation with partners from Norway. It encourages applications/projects with a Norwegian or Romanian partner. Find a partner or read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see a list of FAQs here which will be updated regularly

The Energy Programme in Romania

The objective of the Energy Programme in Romania is less carbon-intensive energy and increased security of supply. The programme also aims enable the establishment of new businesses and jobs in the energy field, leading to positive social benefits for local communities.

Further enquires about the Energy Programme in Romania may be done via the programme e-mail address: [email protected]

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