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Romania: Producing nonwovens out of recycled material

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Recycled textile and plastic waste are being put to good use in the manufacturig of nonwovens by the most important producer of nonwovens in Romania, Minet SA. 

With a history of almost 30 years, MINET SA has become the most important producer of nonwoven textiles in Romania, with more than 100 employees. The company is located in the city of Ramnicu Valcea, South-West Romania.

A relatively lesser known fact is that nonwovens are paramount in various industries, such as construction, furniture, automotive and clothing and are used for construction of road and railway infrastructure used as separators of foundation layers, manufacture of mattresses for beds and sofas, automotive production used for thermo molded items, etc.

The contribution of the EEA and Norway Grants

The introduction of 2 new products in the MINET portfolio with the help of the EEA and Norway Grants will make MINET the FIRST Romanian manufacturer of the nonwoven felt and nonwoven felt-foam (currently these products are imported).

Expected project results

  • 51% estimated total turnover growth due to the project at the end of 2023;
  • 80% of the total materials needed for producing the projected turnover numbers will be textile and plastic waste;
  • 5 780,8 tonnes CO2- estimated total decrease of CO2 emissions for the full operation period.

Not only will MINET bring about an important positive impact on the environment, but they will also bring about innovation, with:

  • the acquisition of modern technology, new at the national level;
  • the implementation of one measure to increase waste collection from operational processes;

Watch the testimonial of Marketing Manager, Mugur Paun, below:

The SMEs Growth Programme in Romania

The project is supported by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein through the EEA and Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the SMEs Growth Programme.

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