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Romania: Pioneering oil and gas drilling services with Norwegian expertise

Factory area
With funding from the EEA and Norway Grants, Foraj Sonde Videle will be the first Romanian company to green its technical solutions in oil and gas drilling. The Romanian company has teamed up with Gefion Nordic Norway to benefit from Norwegian expertise in preparing for a greener future.

​Green drilling

Foraj Sonde Videle is a large enterprise in South Muntenia, Romania. The company offers support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction, providing well drilling services for companies owning exploration permits. The company has recently entered the geothermal sector and plans to expand. Taking into consideration the trends of the drilling services and recent demands of clients, the company has decided to make an important investment in more environmentally friendly technologies.

Trend alert: extra qualification points to green services

Foraj Sonde Videle has noticed an increasing trend of companies that own exploration rights and launch biddings to offer extra qualification points to green services. The company estimates that, in the near future, green services will become entrance barriers to the biding process. With this project, Foraj Sonde Videle wants to prepared for the change.

Bilateral cooperation with Gefion Nordic Norway

The need for a partner was mainly to assist in the assessment of new drilling equipment, improving drilling operations and optimising the electrification of existing drilling rigs. The company wanted a partner from Norway

Gefion Nordic Norway was that Norwegian partner. Gefion is experienced in drilling operations in the oil and gas industry in Norway.

The partner contributes as a technical adviser for the upgrade process, scouting the Norwegian market for technical solutions applicable to the project. Gefion will share technical expertise for the upgrade process, being involved throughout the project – from the preparation of the tender documentation – technical solution for the listed equipment and commission of the equipment. There are two planned visits in Romania, for the tender and after delivery of the equipment.

Green drilling to increase competitiveness and decrease environmental impact

The development strategy of Foraj Sonde Videle is to become more versatile from a technical point of view, to expand from the oil and gas industry to the geothermal sector. Currently, Foraj Sonde Videle owns four drilling rigs equipped with traditional diesel engines. The project will upgrade two of the rigs with electrical engines and acquire technology for optimisation of energy use and monitoring of drilling activities. These are software and driller cabins which are installation of control elements and instrumentation essential for operative remote control of the drilling rig mechanisms and units.

Results of the project

- Estimated annual growth in turnover - 7% by 2024 compared to 2019.

- Estimated annual growth in net operational profit (EBIT) - increase with 3% by 2024 compared to 2019

- Six jobs created

- Innovative technology implemented

- Estimated annual decrease of CO2 emissions, from 7 259 tonnes/ year in 2019 to 2 729 tonnes/ year in 2022, a 4 530 tonnes reduction

- Estimated annual decrease of other emissions, from 27 065 500 kg / year in 2019, to 14 273 000 kg/ year in 2022, a reduction of 12 792 500 kg

-Estimated annual decrease in energy consumption, from 7 733 MWh in 2019, to 4 078 MWh in 2022, a reduction of 3 655 MWh

Estimated annual reduction in fuel consumption, from 2,7 million liters/ year in 2019, to 137 484 liters per year, an estimated reduction of -2,6 million liters/ year

The SMEs Growth Programme in Romania

The project is supported by Norway, Iceland and Liehtenstein through the EEA and Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the SMEs Growth Programme in Romania.

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