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Romania: Innovative and green production of trip trap chairs

Pieces of carved wood© Photo: Sortilemn SA
The Romanian furniture manufacturer Sortilemn SA has partnered up with the Norwegian company Stokke AS for a project initiated to increase and green the production process of trip trap chairs. The project is funded by the EEA and Norway Grants.

Sortilemn SA is a manufacturer of furniture located in the North-Western region of Romania. The company produces wooden furniture for different segments such as restaurants, children, schools, offices and more.

The company experienced an increase in the market demand for trip trap chairs both on an international and local level. The initiation of the project was therefore based on the need to increase the current production capacities. The project also intends to develop and implement a green solution for the trip trap chair production based on new technologies and equipment that will lead to less energy consumption.

Bilateral partnership with Stokke AS

For the project, Sortilemn has partnered up with the Norwegian company Stokke AS. The partner has provided assistance regarding design and operational parts for the new equipment, ensuring that it meets the technical requirements for the manufacturing of the Trip Trap chairs. The partnership has therefore been important for the development and implementation of a successful and strategic project.

So far, the entire technical solution financed through the project has been successfully commissioned. Sortilemn is currently doing some final tests and quality measures before the project will end in 2022.

Quote from the CEO of Sortilemn:

"We have collaborated with the EEA and Norway Grants for a long time. Besides the current project, we have successfully implemented 3 more projects under this funding mechanism. We have always had a good relationship and excellent communication with the fund operator and representatives. Every time we had a question or clarification of a certain issue, we got a quick reply and a professional solution. Even during the pandemic, we had digital visits or zoom meetings in order to ensure the best premises for a successful implementation process.

Based on the general experience over the years we can say that Innovation Norway and the EEA & Norway grants played a key role in our development, helping us to achieve our goals and objectives."

Expected results of the projects

  • An increase in the current production capacity from 1,200 to 1,650 trip trap chairs produced per day
  • Reduction in the energy consumption for the production process and less CO2 emissions
  • A more innovative and modernized solution for the production process of trip trap chairs

The SMEs Growth Programme in Romania

The project is supported by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein through the EEA and Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the Romania - SMEs Growth Programme.

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