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Romania: Greener packaging in cooperation with Sintef and International Development Norway

Woman working on an industrial machine© Greiner Packaging
Greiner Packaging in Romania is continuing cooperation with its Norwegian partner, Sintef, to increase competitiveness and reduce the environmental impact of food industry operations. The cooperation now includes another Norwegian partner, International Development Norway.

“it’s good for environment and good for business, respond to the market requirements and it’s sustainable in terms of economical, environment and social aspects.”

Greiner Packaging is a Romanian manufacturer of plastic packaging with a market share of 60%. The Romanian company is currently implementing its second EEA and Norway Grants project, continuing its cooperation with Sintef, and including International Development Norway AS in the team.

Project testimonial

Increased competitiveness, reduced environmental impact

The project increases economic competitiveness and reduces the environmental impact of products and processes. The plastic is obtained through the thermoforming process for food industry. The partners will develop and improve environmental packaging products and green technologies to improve the quality of all products.

Sintef Materials and Chemicals Norway have developed new packaging solutions with low impact on the environment. International Development Norway have developed and implemented an innovative process within the company for the thermoforming processes: an LCA (life cycle assessment).

Cooperation with Norway

Greiner Packaging collaborated in the previous project financed by Norway Grants 2009-2014 with SINTEF, and due to very good results, they decided to continue the partnership on research and development.

SINTEF's role in the project is to provide the know-how and advice regarding the development and improvement of the quality of the products.

International Development Norway’s role is to provide a Life Cycle Assessment tool designed to assess the environmental impacts and resource consumption profiles of different packaging options. They will also provide Sustainability Strategy and Branding. This will allow for Greiner Packaging to develop a clear direction and long-term goals for sustainability.

The partners agree that the Intellectual Property Rights which results from the project will belong to Greiner Packaging.

Man holding many plastic cups in a factory© EEA grants

An example of how to find a partner for a project

In July 2014, Greiner Packaging was looking for a partner, they consulted the “Partner Search Database” available on Innovation Norway’s website - a list of institutions, enterprises and individual researchers looking for partners.

Greiner Packaging attended also the matchmaking event organised by Innovation Norway in 2017 in Norway, where they met International Development Norway and shared their vision for future projects. The companies decided to enter into a partnership.

Expected results of the project

- A Life Cycle Assessment tool by the Norwegian partner, which will deliver an action plan to better understand the ways Greiner Packaging can reintroduce raw materials, recycle materials back in the production process

- A Sustainability Strategy and Branding for Greiner packaging, promoting the use of environmental materials to reduce environmental impact

- A new line production to reduce energy consumption, reduce the consumption of polymer and raw materials and use recycle materials, also to improve competitiveness

- An expected annual decrease in energy consumption (with 270 MWH per year, compared with situation before the project)

- An expected annual decrease in the consumption of materials (with 140 tone, compared with situation before project)

The SMEs Growth Programme in Romania

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the SMEs Growth Programme in Romania.

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