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Romania: ENERGYDAM - Bilateral Cooperation on Energy Generation from Non-powered Dams

Dam at end of Fassa Valley in Dolomites.© devid75, GettyImages
Only a small percentage of Romania's dams generate electricity. The green and digital transition requires a substantial increase in the amount of electricity. One way to increase electricity production is to equip non-powered dams with hydroenergy production equipment. Enter the ENERGYDAM project - a cooperation between the Technical University 'Gheorghe Asachi' and Norwegian research heavyweights SINTEF and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

R&D in Hydroenergy: A New Solution

More specifically, the project aims to develop a new methodology for the analysis and evaluation of modernising existing non-powered dams with hydro energy production equipment, to obtain electrical power from water. It is a pilot project in Romania that will result in a set of guidelines and models, which will lead to a greater development of hydropower facilities.

The methodology for screening potential sites can be used at national and international level. The combination of hydropower, floating solar photovoltaic panels to reservoirs and microgrids can provide energy storage, grid expansion and stability.

Bringing in Norwegian and Romanian expertise

This project is only made possible because of the invaluable input that the best of Norwegian academia and research institutes bring to it alongside the extraordinary Romanian expertise. Below we provide a short description of the partners involved.

SINTEF is a broad, multidisciplinary research organisation with international top-level expertise and the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. They have a broad experience in applied hydrology, river hydraulics, environmental impact and mitigation measures for hydropower activities, as well as mechanical engineering. In this project, they will participate in data analysis, elaborate recommendations and quality assure the project results

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is a Norwegian education university with an international focus which contributes on the dam selection criteria, analysis of the selected sites for retrofitting.

Polytechnic University of Bucharest is a public higher education institution located in Bucharest, Romania. In this project, it provides technical assistance, data analysis and establishes dam selection criteria.

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Expected Project Results

  • Seven renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security solutions developed
  • A successful joint applications for Intellectual Property Protection
  • Three resuolts on research and development on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security
  • A signed collaborative agreement between research institutions and enterprises involved

The Energy Programme in Romania

The project is supported by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein through the EEA and Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the Energy Programme in Romania.

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