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Romania: Energy Efficiency in Agri-Business by Azomures

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Azomures, part of the Ameropa Group, is one of the most important producers of fertilisers for agricultural use in Romania. With funding from the EEA and Norway Grants, the company has now reduced its energy consumption by 6,975 MWh and cut its methane emissions by 2,134 tonnes a year.  This is the success story made possible by the EEA and Norway Grants

Azomures is a private company in Romania. The company, which is part of Ameropa Group, represents one of the most important fertiliser producers for agriculture in Romania. They produce and send to the market fertilisers and grains that are important for the agricultural supply chain and ultimately take responsibility for feeding the world.

The projects enhances energy efficiency in the motor processes in Azomures as part of the Romanian Energy and Climate Change Action Plan. The project has been important for Azomures in the competition for products and a progressive increase in the cost of utilities.

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As a heavy weight in natural gas consumption, the European continent plays a major role in one of the biggest climate issues of the century: methane emissions. The oil and gas industry is one of the main culprits of manmade methane emissions.

CEO of Azomures; Mr Harri Kiiski, says:

"The high price demanded by the methane gas suppliers no longer allows us to remain sustainable. Other industrial platforms have completely shut down or severely curtailed production across Europe. The project implemented through the EEA and Norway Grant is a great help for the company which has a lot of difficulties with the price increases on energy, and current energy crisis in Romania, and Europe in general"

Contribution to the green transition

The project installs variable speed drives on five high energy intensive motors within the chemical fertilizer production facilities of Azomures S.A. in order to reduce the energy consumption, reduce the operational costs with the energy, decrease of CO2 emissions and increased security of supply.

The enhanced energy efficiency motor processes has reduced energy consumption, made savings in the operational cost of the company, introduced energy efficiency in industrial processes and decreased CO2 emissions.

"We are committed to the European green transition, and all these reductions are part of our long-term plans to reach carbon neutrality by the time set by the European Union", says CEO Harri Kiiski.

Results of the project

- Reduction of energy consumption: 6,975 MWh per year

- Methane emission reduction per year: 2,134 tons

- Annual monetary saving from energy efficiency measures: 578,925 euro

The Energy Programme in Romania

The project is supported by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein through the EEA and Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the Energy Programme in Romania.

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