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Romania: DO IT SMARTer - An AI-based Management and Control System for Energy in Public Buildings in Romania and Norway

Aerial view of a high voltage electrical sub-station© Richard Newstead, GettyImages
The EEA and Norway Grants support transnational research projects which aim to DO IT SMARTER.  The DO IT SMARTer project is a bilateral, public-private partnership between the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Øsfold University College, the Norwegian company NxTech, the Alba Iulia Municipality and the NGO Center for the Study of Democracy. They turn cognitive energy management techniques based on AI into practical solutions for public buildings.

The project DO IT SMARTer represents an industrial and experimental research cooperation which deals with cognitive energy management techniques based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The aim of the project is to optimise energy flows in public building sites. The project aims to develop practical solutions for an energy management control system based on AI that is less carbon intensive technologies. The system will be demonstrated in three pilot buildings, both in Romania and in Norway.

In the words of the Tecnhnical University of Cluj-Napoca, which is the beneficiary of the EEA and Norway Grants, "this is significant support to advance research in Romania, in close cooperation with our Norwegian partners, in the energy management field".

The project is supported by Norway through the Energy Programme in Romania, operated by Innovation Norway. "We strongly recommend the Norway Grants and Innovation Norway to all entities that intend to implement sustainability projects in Romania".

1 project, 4 Romanian entities and 2 Norwegian partners

The project is implemented by a diverse team of partners, including a commercial entity, three universities, a municipality and an NGO. The team is comprised of four entities in Romania and two partners in Norway, namely:

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is the benefciary of the Grant.

Østfold University College in Norway is a higher research and education university located in Halden, Norway. Østfold University College is a donor project partner in the project, and its role is to test and implement solutions developed in the project in three demonstration pilots, including in Norway.

The company Nxtech AS is another donor project partner. Nxtech is an innovative company based in Kråkerøy, Norway. They are involved in the implementation of the management control system for the purposes of monitoring energy consumption and for real-time data management as well as in the development of algorithms and models for power to heat solutions.

Polytechnic University of Timisoara is a public higher education institution in Timisoara, Romania. Their role in the project is focused on the development of innovative and practical solutions in the energy management field.

Alba Iulia Municipality is a local public administrative entity. Alba Iulia Municipality is responsible for developing the platform design in dedicated buildings, for the pilot implementation and the dissemination of the results. Also, the Municipality is collaborating with the rest of partners for solutions and social policies related to energy poverty.

Association Center for the Study of Democracy is an NGO founded in 2006 by the Faculty of Political Science at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania. The main role of the Center for the Study of Democracy is in the field of energy poverty mapping in the Alba Iulia local community.

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Expected results of the project

  • Three new solutions on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security developed
  • A joint applications for Intellectual Property Protectionwith six shared Intellectual Property Protection Rights for each of the partners involved
  • Five new jobs created during the project
  • Six new pieces of research and development on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security
  • Six collaborative agreements signed between research institutions and enterprises involved in the programme
  • Six new research results

The Energy Programme in Romania

The project is supported by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein through the EEA and Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the Energy Programme in Romania.

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