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Revolutionizing Industrial Oil Sustainability: A Green Initiative Unveiled

Picture of the CEO of PromaxsysFoto: PROMAXSYS
Foto: Nikolay Cholakov, CEO of Promaxsys EOOD
Promaxsys EOOD is ushering in a new era of eco-conscious industrial practices with a groundbreaking project supported by EEA and Norway Grants. Focused on transforming the management of lubricating, hydraulic, and essential industrial oils, the “Keep Going, Keep Growing initiative” addresses the pressing issue of premature disposal due to degradation.

Industrial oils, vital for machinery performance, often fall victim to pollutants causing their premature breakdown. This project harnesses cutting-edge technology, including advanced laboratory tools and filter aggregates, to extend the lifespan of these oils, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

The project's significance is twofold: it aims to reduce the staggering volume of wasted oils and decrease carbon emissions by curbing fresh oil production. By revitalizing oils, it holds the potential to save a remarkable 41,096 tonnes of crude oil and eliminate around 227 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Further, the project is set to further enhance Promaxsys EOOD’s competitiveness in the industrial equipment and service provider industry. The new activity is set to significantly increase the company’s production capacity.

Promaxsys EOOD's initiative embodies the power of innovation in tackling environmental challenges.

The Keep Going Keep Growing project is a shining example of the type of project suited for the “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs” programme in Bulgaria. As Promaxsys EOOD reshape industrial oil management, they're setting the stage for responsible industry practices that conserve resources, cut waste, and prioritize the planet's health. In an evolving world, initiatives like these illuminate a path to a sustainable future for all.

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