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Smile Sustainably: Aroma AD's 100% Recyclable Toothpaste Packaging

Recycling packaging technology for monomaterial tube for cosmetic products© Photo credits: AROMA
The Bulgarian cosmetics giant Aroma AD are celebrating their 100th birthday next year, but unlike many other 100 year olds, Aroma are constantly looking to change! In an exciting project, the leading cosmetics producer in Bulgaria are greening their in-house packaging production through a partnership with the Norway Grants. The phenomenal project will craft 100% recyclable packaging as well as vastly improve energy efficiency. Innovation Norway were lucky to get a first-hand glimpse into Aroma’s green evolution.

Recyclable Habits

Ever wonder what happens to your toothpaste tube after you're done with it? Aroma wants you to think about it. Despite squeezing the precious package of toothpaste twice a day, few of us consider what happens to that very package following its emptying. Aroma are addressing the concerns of those more aware, now offering a 100% recyclable packaging to toothpaste and other essential cosmetics. With this Norway Grants project reaching its finalisation, Aroma AD has taken Program Operator, Innovation Norway on a tour of the project’s success.

An Eco-Friendly Giant

The manufacturing system at AROMA, the machineries producing the plastic bottles© AROMA

As Innovation Norway’s transport arrives at Aroma AD’s considerable facilities, the sheer size of their operations become very clear. The leading cosmetics producer in Bulgaria has a long history of providing a variety of cosmetics and hygiene products not only to Bulgaria, but increasingly the world. A quick look at their facilities makes it clear that the company also takes its environmental responsibility seriously. Aroma’s solar panel covered roofs paint a picture that this project is not random, but rather a part of a major effort to become a green giant in the cosmetics industry.

A representative from Aroma guided Innovation Norway through the packaging production facilities, showcasing cutting-edge machinery. Here, thousands of packaging units, spanning toothpaste to shampoo and mouthwash, are being manufactured with materials that boast 100% recyclability—all within the company's own facilities.

"Before the implementation of this innovative project, the tubes we produced were made from non-recyclable composite material, leaving a substantial environmental footprint," explained the Aroma AD representative.

Green Print

Aroma’s innovative packaging solution does not even cover the full scope of Aroma’s green ambitions with the Norway Grants. A second aspect of the project is Aroma’s investment in a remarkable digital printing system. Printing the logos and colours onto thousands of tubes requires large quantities of ink and substrates, and through Aroma’s new system this process is done with expertise and precision that leaves close to zero industrial waste. In addition, this new system promises sharper, more efficient and more colourful images.

This project, supported by the Norway Grants have amplified Aroma’s market competitiveness. Solidifying their role as a cosmetics industry innovator. Aroma's game plan encompasses perfecting new technology, securing top-tier equipment, showcasing pilot line production, and embracing digital printing. Aroma’s representative expresses the company’s gratitude to those who made this project possible.

“We would like to extend our thanks to the project’s partners in ELNA AD – as well as thanking and strongly recommending the Norway Grants for the consistent and flexible assistance in making this project possible.”

Aroma AD's 100th-anniversary celebration coincides with a transformative project funded by adopting 100% recyclable packaging and investing in a cutting-edge digital printing system. This initiative not only showcases Aroma's commitment to environmental responsibility but also positions the company as a green leader in the cosmetics industry. As they approach a century in business, Aroma AD sets a notable example of how industry giants can proactively contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Growth Programme in Bulgaria

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the SMEs Growth Programme in Bulgaria.

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