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Zeraxo Cruising into the Future: Croatia's Pioneering IT Powerhouse Revolutionising Maritime Passenger Transport

The Zeraxo team on MarinePass, 11 hapy people in front of Zeraxo's presentation© Innovation Norway
Zeraxo, a dynamic IT company based in Zagreb, is hard at work on its MarinePass solution, aimed to be a significant progress in the maritime passenger transport. Thanks to a generous support from Norway Grants, Zeraxo is poised to significantly boost its competitive edge on the market.

The pivotal impact of this development goes beyond business growth—it holds the promise of addressing critical challenges related to transportation and environmental sustainability. One of the primary objectives of this project is to revolutionize passenger and baggage control in maritime transport through the innovative application of information and communication technologies.

Zeraxo's Tech Marvels Elevating Maritime Passenger and Green Transport in Croatia

Traditional transportation processes have long suffered from poor and inaccurate passenger records and suboptimal throughput, raising concerns about security and compliance, particularly in the face of evolving global challenges like terrorism, the COVID-19 pandemic, and GDPR standards. Zeraxo aims to rectify these issues by streamlining and securing the entire passenger journey, from ticket sales to destination disembarkation, and implementing robust control mechanisms.

Furthermore, Zeraxo's initiative aligns with the pressing need to curb CO2 emissions in the transport sector. If left unchecked, maritime transport could significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, projected to increase by 50 to 250% by 2050. By introducing an innovative transport solution whose data will enable more efficient planning strategies, especially in highly congested urban areas and ports, Zeraxo aims to reduce emissions while enhancing traffic safety and accessibility.

Setting Sail into Success: MarinePass Project Progress Unveiled at Zagreb's Travel&Technology Hub

Zeraxo stand on the maritime hub© Innovation Norway

A recent project progress conference for MarinePass, held at the Travel&Technology Hub in Zagreb, brought together Zeraxo's project team, their partner on the project, representatives from Innovation Norway, and other stakeholders. The event provided an in-depth look at the project's technology and its current state of readiness.

Already, the project has resulted in new jobs at Zeraxo and is expected to drive substantial business growth after implementation, with a predicted increase in net operational profit of about 223% by 2027.

About the Business Development and Innovation Programme Croatia

The Business development and Innovation Programme allocates more than 20 million euros to Croatian Companies. Focus areas of investments and development was Green Innovation and Blue Growth.

This project was supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Business Development and Innovation Programme in Croatia, with the grant in the amount of Euro 454 000.

See more on the Business Development and Innovation Programme in Croatia.

About Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. Innovation Norway supports companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation.

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