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Bugs for Dinner? Sustainable Farming Revolutionizes Animal Feed!

A picture of four people, smelling the different products delivered by nasekomo© Nasekomo
Since its founding in 2017, Nasekomo has been on a mission to craft sustainable insect products. With a primary focus on providing food for animals and contributing to a more sustainable agriculture, Nasekomo is diving into insect biology and smarter production methods leading the way to a greener and more sustainable agriculture. Setting an example, not only in Bulgaria, but for Europe.

With the support of the Norway Grants, Nasekomo launched the project, "Scaling up the Insect Industry's Green Impact through Deployment of Industrial Insect Technology," which has led to significant changes in insect farming with innovative technologies and international patents. The support has also made it possible for Nasekomo to expand its team, bringing in highly educated and experienced experts. In addition to this, they have been able to enhance their technology, elevating their capacity to serve customers.

What makes Nasekomo's project compelling is its significant green impact. The company aims to bioconvert over 7000 tons of low-value streams into valuable protein, oil, and frass. Remarkably, 1 ton of insect protein compensates for 9 tons of CO2, showcasing the project's significant environmental benefits. This is achieved by creating sustainable insect protein, which is intended for animal feed, effectively replacing traditional sources of protein such as soy and fish meal that have extensive carbon footprint. The commitment to sustainable agriculture aligns with the visionary move of supporting projects that not only enhance the competitiveness of emerging industries but also foster sustainable growth.

Visit from Innovation Norway

The visitors in lab coats, smiling.© Nasekomo

Following Nasekomo’s great success with the project supported by the Norway grants, the Innovation Norway-team paid a visit January 2024. The visit marked a significant chapter in Nasekomo’s journey, providing an opportunity to show the groundbreaking results made possible by the Norway Grants. Making Europe greener is one of the key priorities of the Norway Grants, and the purpose of the visit was to encourage collaboration and share perspectives on how these programs play a role in Bulgaria’s shift towards a greener future.

Nasekomo's journey, exemplifies how strategic investments in innovative projects can drive the green shift in Europe. The impact of the Norway Grants in Bulgaria, as showcased through Nasekomo's advancements, emphasizes the commitment to sustainability and environmental progress. This collaboration not only elevates competitiveness but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for agriculture. As Nasekomo continues to advance, it showcases as evidence of the transformative power of bilateral cooperation and forward-thinking support.

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