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Print with Purpose: Lam'On's Sustainable Packaging Quest

from a meeting between Innovation Norway and Lam'On in Bulgaria© Innovation Norway
Lam'On Ltd. is leading the way in creating environmentally friendly solutions to plastics made from petroleum. With support from the Norway Grants, their project PACK'ON Ocean introduces a packaging material that breaks down naturally in the ocean, helping to tackle the environmental issues associated with traditional plastics. Lam'On's commitment to innovation and sustainability is poised to transform the packaging industry, as highlighted in a recent interview with Innovation Norway.

Sustainable Solution to Printing and Packaging

Lam'On Ltd. is a start-up company that aims to reduce the usage and the pollution generated from petroleum-based laminating films and packaging foils by offering sustainable alternatives. Lam'On's innovative products are bio-based and compostable and can be applied on the standard industry equipment used in printing and packaging.

Innovation Norway: Could you explain how the Lam'On film is a game changer, and how it expects to change the current landscape?

Lam'On: Paper/cardboard lamination is used to enhance and protect the printed product. Most of these products are short-lived or single-use such as packaging boxes, magazines, menus, cards, etc. Being a challenging source material such laminated paper products are generally not recycled - it's hard to separate the petroleum-based film from the paper and it contaminates the recycling streams. So they usually end up in landfills, incinerators or in natural environments, and not only releases toxic compounds and microplastics, but we also lose two valuable resources - both paper and plastic.

The problem with most of the available alternatives on the market is that they are either too expensive, or not fully bio-based and compostable.

Lam'On is offering thermal lamination that is fully bio-based and compostable - both the film and the adhesive layer. According to initial analysis paper/cardboard laminated with Lam’On should be recyclable without compromising the quality of the secondary raw material. A breakthrough like this has an enormous potential and could provide an effective way to address the significant pollution produced by these printing and packaging products, offering a more sustainable circular model.

Innovation Norway: Can you elaborate on the PACK'ON as well?

Lam'On: According to different independent studies from 2020 the total demand for plastic packaging in Europe is estimated to be about 20 million tonnes per year. Out of it approximately 0.6 million tonnes is flexible packaging. Yes, packaging is a short-lived product but since most of it is petroleum-based it can last for hundreds of years, therefore its end-of-life options are a complicated subject, especially when not all of it is recyclable. Certainly, one of the strategies to tackle this issue is by offering a sustainable substitute. This is why we developed PACK’ON. It is a bio-based and compostable printable packaging foil that is based on the innovative core recipe and production method of Lam’On.

Innovation Norway: Why is this project particularly important going forward?

Lam'On: At this point everyone should be already aware that the immense petroleum-based plastic pollution and its consequences are beyond overwhelming and urgent global environmental issues. We believe that our products have a huge potential and offer sustainable solutions to these problems and we are determined to continue developing and scaling up the company. Furthermore, Europe is greatly focused on these issues and part of the coping strategies and policies being discussed include solutions such as ours, which is naturally beneficial for the development of the company.

Innovation Norway: What's your experience working with the Norway Grants, and what impact has it made?

Lam'On: Working with the Norway Grants was a pleasant experience, and has been crucial in developing the PACK'ON. With the support from the Norway Grants and with the help of our project partner B’ZEOS we managed to successfully bring PACK’ON Ocean to industrial scale prototype. At a later stage, we’re planning to start manufacturing and offering it to our clients.

Further European Support

Lam’On have also been accepted to the European Innovation Council (EIC), a huge innovation accelerator under the Horizon Europa funding scheme. This allows and has allowed LAM’ON to receive much of the financial support needed to realize their innovative solutions. Acceptance in to the EIC accelerator is a true recognition of the promise and the potential in LAM’ON. Beyond the financial support, this promises to further LAM’ON’s reputation and position in the market.

In the battle against plastic pollution, Lam'On Ltd. emerges as a game-changer with its sustainable laminating films and packaging foils. The Norway Grants and collaboration with the European Innovation Council (EIC) have been instrumental in Lam'On's journey. As Lam'On gears up for an official launch in 2024, it's not just a company; it's a driving force behind a more sustainable future in the printing and packaging industry.

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