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Local knowledge and Norwegian technology unite to optimize access to Greek consumer recyclables!

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The Greek Company Kreta Eiendom SA and the Norwegian company Cycled Technologies are conceptualizing a new and effective way to collect and sort post-consumer recyclables in Greece. With support from the EEA Grants through the “Business Innovation Greece” programme, the project partners will combine local knowledge and Norwegian technology to streamline access to Greek consumer recyclables, thereby contributing to an increased recycling rate.

In Europe alone, more than 24 million tons of plastic waste is produced every year. The recycling industry faces challenges in achieving recycling rates above 35%, while EU directives set new standards and requirements for recycling of post-consumer packaging and plastics. Furthermore, new regulations require that 20% of new packaging needs to come from recycled materials. This underscores the need for innovative and efficient solutions for collecting and sorting recyclables at the source.

With EEA grants funding through the "Business Innovation Greece" programme, this bilateral project aims towards an acceleration of the circular economy-based business in Greece. Together, the project partners will develop a tailor-made solution for access to Greek consumer recyclables, improving the efficiency of collection and sorting processes.

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Combining Kreta Eiendom’s local knowledge with their Norwegian partner Cycled Technologies’ solution, the project partners will conduct a feasibility study exploring the potential for incentivized collection of consumer recyclables in Greece. Together they will conceptualize a tailor-made solution for Greece based on a model of cooperation between locals, regional authorities, and national authorities. The project will also include the development of an innovative smart return system to distribute sorted materials of high quality for recycling, based on Cycled Technologies smart collection points.

“We are enthusiastic about our project initiative with our Norwegian partner Cycled Technologies, and proud to be awarded funding from EEA & Norway Grants in this round. Our goal with the project is to bring new technology into the Greek market, where sorting of recyclables takes place at source and consumers are incentivized for their disposal", Ellen Hansen, CEO of Kreta Eiendom SA, explains. “At Cycled we are thrilled about the opportunity to work with Kreta Eiendom and introduce new and innovative technologies for incentivized collection and sorting of recyclables to the Greek market” Thor Sverre Minnesjord, CEO of Cycled Technologies continues.

In addition to providing a model for optimized collection and sorting of post-consumer recyclables, the bilateral project partnership will also enable a future investment project in an incentivized Smart Collection System for consumer recyclables in Greece.

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