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Porcelain's Solar Shift: Apulum's Renewable Initiative

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S.C. Apulum S.A., a prominent figure in Europe's porcelain and decorative items market headquartered in Alba Iulia, Romania, faces the environmental realities of its industry. Despite its position as Romania's largest porcelain factory, producing over 50 million pieces annually, Apulum recognizes the need to curb its environmental impact. To address this, the company turns to renewable energy sources, implementing a 0.997 MWp photovoltaic system across its extensive 160,000 square meter production site.

In Alba Iulia, Romania, S.C. Apulum S.A. stands as a leader in Europe's porcelain and decorative items market. With Romania's largest porcelain factory under its belt, the company produces over 50 million pieces annually. Yet, Apulum, just like many other industry players, is facing the reality of environmental impact, Apulum aimed to reduce energy usage and embrace renewable sources.

The plan?

Apulum has applied to the Energy Programme in Romania. Through the Programme, they have implemented a 0.997 MWp photovoltaic system across its vast 160,000 square meter production site. With two fully equipped plants and 15 storage compartments, Apulum sought to shift towards cleaner energy.

This move wasn't just about saving costs. By harnessing solar power, Apulum aimed to cut annual CO2 emissions by 10%, equivalent to 365 tonnes of CO2 eq. Additionally, it promised greater energy independence.

Bianca Fleschin, Apulum Economic Director: “The internal production of a part of the energy consumed also gives us partial energy consumption. Considering the good collaboration with the grant management authority during the implementation of the project, we recommend other companies to access these financings with confidence”.

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As solar panels glistened in the Romanian sun, Apulum's story evolved from industry prowess to environmental responsibility. With each kilowatt generated, the company stepped closer to sustainability, setting a precedent for the porcelain industry and beyond.

About the Energy Programme in Romania

The Energy Programme in Romania, managed by Innovation Norway, aims at less carbon-intensive energy and increased energy security, providing grants for investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and electrification of households. The Programme financing is ensured through the EEA and Norway Grants which contribute to social and economic development in 10 European countries, including Romania.

About Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. Innovation Norway supports companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation. In Romania, Innovation Norway is managing two programmes: the Energy Programme and the SMEs Growth Programme.

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