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Innovating Clean Water Solutions with Global Partnerships

Group picture from IZIT project visit© Innovation Norway
Purifier, IZIT and Innovation Norway
Supported by Norway Grants, the Croatian enterprise IZIT merged innovation with sustainability in partnership with PURIFIER d.o.o., and the Norwegian firms, MT Separation AS and Aquasolis Global AS. Their collaborative effort aimed to develop a cutting-edge solution that not only purifies seawater but also aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. After two years of dedication, their pioneering product, PWP SEA, stands as a beacon of hope for communities worldwide.

Tackling Global Challenges

As a leader in 3D printing technologies, IZIT, together with Purifier embarked on a groundbreaking mission: to develop a water cleanser capable of removing 99% of soluble salts from seawater. Through Innovation Norway’s “Business Development and Innovation Croatia Programme”, they secured the necessary resources to turn their ambitious vision into reality. This collaborative effort has resulted in a technological solution addressing one of the world's most pressing challenges: access to clean water.

Every day, billions of people confront the reality of relying on unsafe water sources. Whether they are inhabitants in developing nations to shipwrecked seafarers, or impacted by natural calamities or conflicts, access to potable water becomes a matter of life and health.

The completion of the project marks a significant milestone in the fight against the global water crisis. Moreover, PWP SEA (Personal Water Purifier) addresses two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: “Clean Water and Sanitation” and “Good health and well-being”.Its implications extend far beyond borders, offering hope to communities ravaged by natural disasters and environmental degradation.

Thriving together

The project exemplifies international cooperation for sustainable development. As climate change worsens water-related challenges, innovations like PWP SEA become indispensable. Whether mitigating the impact of tsunamis or safeguarding against floods, clean water remains paramount.

Following Izit's success, the Innovation Norway team visited Izit and Purifierin January 2024. The project, fulfilled after two years of dedicated effort, showcased the efficacy of collaborations supported by the Norway Grants. During the visit, the Innovation Norway team was pleased to hear that collaborating with Norway is a quality stampinternationally. Moreover, the CEO of IZIT, Mr. Secerkadic, expresses their satisfaction working with Innovation Norway:

We are happy with the cooperation with Innovation Norway; we especially emphasize the flexibility in project management, which is a result of your understanding of the R&D process and its management. This accelerates the achievement of goals and increases the efficiency of using funds.

CEO of IZIT, Mr. Secerkadic© Innovation Norway
CEO of IZIT, Mr. Secerkadic

The Norwegian-Croatian collaboration, fuelled by the support from the Norway Grants, has yielded a transformative solution in the form of PWP SEA. By addressing critical global challenges and advancing UN Sustainability goals, the project not only exemplifies innovation but also underscores the power of partnership in creating a brighter, more sustainable future. Building upon the success of PWP Sea, IZIT plans to expand internationally by showcasing the device at trade shows in Miami to attract larger customers. As we confront the complexities of the 21st century, initiatives like these guide us toward a world where access to clean water is a universal right.

Demo of the water PWP SEA, Personal Water Purifier.© Innovation Norway
Demo of the water PWP SEA, Personal Water Purifier.
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