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Green Industry Innovation

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The Green Industry Innovation focus areas are business focused, aiming to help step up eco-innovation and develop green business opportunities.

Both Norway and Europe subscribe to the principle of sustainable development and share a common objective of creating competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economies. To achieve such sustainable growth, through greener and more innovative economities, it is recognised that investment in new green technologies and green innovation is crucial.

'Going green' is not simply contributing towards a lower environmental impact, it also makes economic sense. Businesses across the whole economy can save money through increased energy and resource efficiency and by providing more environmentally friendly products and services to the market. However, there is still a general lack of available funding to support eco-innovation. Entrepreneurs and small businesses in particular are often hampered by a lack of access to finance.

The Green Industry Innovation focus area

  • Greening of existing industries
  • Increasing the competitiveness of enterprises through increased profits and turnover
  • Promoting green entrepreneurship

The projects should contribute to

  • Innovative green technologies/processes/solutions developed (new to the market)
  • Innovative green technologies/processes/solutions applied (new to the enterprise)

Typical activities which are supported

  • Development, implementation and investment in innovative environmental friendly technologies
  • Development of green products and services
  • Development and implementation of “greener production processes”
  • Realisation of business opportunities for greening the economy

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