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Greece: Ulysses/VesselMan - an Integrated Solution for Blue Growth

Fire bilder satt sammen til ett med en kvinne og mann som presenterer på event© Ulysses
The Greek company Ulysses and its Norwegian partner VesselMan are merging solutions into an integrated Planned Maintenance System and project management tool for technical projects and dry-dockings of sea going vessels.

The project, supported by the EEA Grants, has developed an integrated solution between the softwares of Ulysses and Vesselman, which are both best-in-breed in their category.

This seamless integration will facilitate the unrestricted sharing of information between the two systems in such a way that ship managers will be able to have a full overview of the maintenance process and a full account of all repairs of a vessel. This will optimise the ship’s maintenance and consequently its operational performance in the long-term.

Bilateral Partnership

The project has been implemented in a close bilateral partnership. Greek Ulysses has provided an asset management system for technical operations and for the planning/documentation of Technical Maintenance. The Norwegian partner VesselMan has offered its innovative and popular technical project management and dry-dock application.

The bilateral cooperation has benefitted both companies. Greek shipowners own and operate the largest merchant marine fleet in the world. The CEO of VesselMan, Glenn Edvardsen, expressed that: “I have always said that if you’re serious about shipping, you need to be in Greece”.

The CEO of Ulysses, Mr Dimitris Lyras, has stated that:

“We also feel privileged to be a part of the Business Innovation Greece Program 2014-2021 operated by Innovation Norway. Norwegian entrepreneurs have had an unquenchable appetite for innovation in the marine industry for centuries. An unstoppable force we hope to combine with the Greek tradition of putting common sense first in the marine world. One of these aspects is to embrace the entrepreneurial drive and the future, which is about integration.”

“The collaboration will lead to an expansion of our client base, both in Greece and internationally”

Mr Panteleimon Pantelis, COO of Ulysses Systems, and Mr Nikolaos Rassias, CTO of Ulysses Systems, talks about the project in this video in Greek:

Presentation at the Blue Growth Event in Athens

The two partners in the project shared the stage for an excellent presentation at the event Event on Blue Growth in Europe in May 2022.

See the video of the presentation as part of the Thematic Session on Green Shipping here:

The integrated solution

The solution allows for preparation, scheduling and execution of dry dock projects as well as the planned maintenance and dry-dockings of sea going vessels. The integration will be based on a platform that will ensure the expandability and the adaptability to any other application, digital service or system that relates to maintenance and dry dock processes. Such an integrated solution will directly lead to time and cost savings and it will ensure compliance even beyond today's regulations and directives.

The integrated software will allow users to easily describe all of the dry-docking activities in the Task Assistant (based on historical maintenance/ repair data and logged inspections) that will then be passed on to VesselMan to properly plan and carry out the dry-dock. After the dry-dock is completed and a full log of the works is recorded in Vesselman, this information will be transferred back to Ulysses, which will optimise the value of the asset in the long run.

Read more on the project website: News - Digital Vessel Management

Integrations - Ulysses-Systems VesselMan - Ulysses Systems

Ulysses/VesselMan employees© EEA grants

Among the top 50 innovative SMEs

Vesselman was just recently named one of the 50 most innovative SMEs in the maritime sector, according to Thetius Maritime's yearly ranking. This means that the company no longer is a start-up/scale-up, and has made significant progress over the last years. Innovation Norway was also named one of the top 20 innovative NGOs/Government Agencies. See the entire list here.

The Business Innovation Programme in Greece

The project is supported by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein through the EEA Grants. See more opportunities under the Business Innovation Programme in Greece.

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