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First Call on Renewable Energy

The Calls are now closed. The assessment of projects under the calls is expected to last 4-6 months from the close of calls.

Following consultations with the Donor States and the Energy Programme Partners, an update was done to the Calls on Renewable Energy focus area: document in the Essential Reading section below, respectively document "2. Project Assessment Criteria and Methodology". Due to this update, an extension of the deadline applied for Call 2 and SGS-1, as per the table below.

The Call for Proposals is closed.


Call 1 (hydropower) and Call 3 (other RES): Deadline: 14th March 2019

  • Call 1
    • Call budget: € 7.500.000;
    • 6 project applications received;
    • Total budget of project applications received is € 20.035.047, out of which € 9.673.832 represents the requested grant.
  • Call 3
    • call budget: € 11.000.000;
    • 28 project applications submitted;
    • total budget of project applications received is € 29.670.988, out of which € 22.040.250 represents the requested grant.

Call 2 (geothermal) and SGS-1 (hydropower, geothermal and other RES for SMEs and NGOs): Deadline 7th May 2019

  • Call 2

    • Call budget: € 6.600.000;
    • 7 project applications received;
    • Total budget of project applications received is € 16.203.831, out of which € 10.755.532 represents the requested grant.
  • SGS-1
    • Call budget: € 2.000.000;
    • 12 project applications received;
    • Total budget of project applications received is € 2.821.719, out of which € 2.023.528 represents the requested grant

Calls for Proposals - Focus area: Renewable Energy (in English)

Calls for Proposals - Focus area: Renewable Energy (in Romanian)

Mandatory attachments to the Project Application

  1. Expected outcomes of the implementation of the project (updated 2019-03-08)
  2. Detailed Activity Budget (new document 2019-02-05)
  3. Disbursement Plan (updated 2019-04-12)
  4. Project Implementation Plan (revised 2019-02-15)
  5. Procurment Plan
  6. Letter of Commitment
  7. Business plan or Project Document (new 2019-02-06)
  8. Draft Partnership Agreement
  9. CVs of the project management team
  10. Communication Plan (no template available)
  11. Self-declaration regarding undertaking in difficulty
  12. Self-declaration regarding clean tax and criminal record of the Applicant (and Partner(s) - if relevant)
  13. Relevan Registration Certificates and statutory documents (no template available)
    1. Applicants - undertakings: certificate of status (‘certificat constatator’) issued by the Romanian Trade Register Office (which should include extensive information about the enterprise’s up to date status).
    2. Applicants - NGOs:
      1. Law court decision for the establishment of the NGO;
      2. Latest approved statute;
      3. Law court decision regarding the latest version of the statute (if the case).
    3. Applicants - public: incorporation documents demonstrating that the Applicant is a public authority/entity in Romania, registered in Romania.
    4. Partners:
      1. Registration certificate (or similar), issued by the compotent authority in the Donor State (Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway) / Beneficiary State;
      2. Latest approved statute (or similar), which proves that the Partner's main activity is closely related to the activities in which its contribution is proposed.
  14. Certified annual financial accounts of the Applicant for 2017 and 2016, and the balance sheet/profit & loss statement as per 30 June 2018 (Romanian) as well as the latest approved and registered at the national financial authority’s trial balance sheet for 2018. (no template available)
  15. Applicant’s Annual report (year 2017) (no template available)

Essential Reading for Project Applicants

  1. Standard Terms and Conditions
  2. Project Assessment Criteria and Methodology (updated 2019-03-05)
  3. Guidelines on Cross-Cutting Issues
  4. Communication Guidelines
  5. Application Form Guidance
  6. Conversion Guidelines for Emissions
  7. Glossary of terms (updated 2019-02-06)
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