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Estonia: Roofit Solar

Group of people working in a company© Roofit Solar
The Estonian cleantech company, Roofit Solar Energy OÜ, has developed a solar roof that cuts homeowners’ CO2 footprint together with the Norwegian partner Søran AS. The solar roofs already cover more than a hundred homes in Estonia. The partners now bring the products to the Norwegian market.

With funding from the Norway Grants, the company is working on a modular clickable roof tile that will make the product cheaper and more accessible. Roofit Solar is developing a new design and planning software to improve their services.

“Thanks to the new solar metal roof planning software, we can make the whole process more efficient. By 2025 there will probably be at least 10,000 our metal solar roofs around the world,” said Andri Jagomägi, CEO of Roofit Solar.

Learn more about the project:

Drive a car around the globe 78 times

With a capacity of 10 kW, a single roof can help prevent the emission of 300 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere by producing solar energy. That is equivalent to driving a car around the globe 78 times.

By the end of the project, the company aims for its green energy output to reach 50 000 MWH per year and to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 200 kilotons. That’s the emission equivalent of approximately 61 000 cars.

Read more about the project: Green ICT - Roofit.Solar.

Partnership with Søran AS

Roofit Solar’s roofs already cover more than a hundred homes in Estonia and other countries on the EU market. Working with Norwegian partner Søran AS, they now plan to bring the products to the Norwegian market. Søran is a roofing company with more than 20 years experience. The two partners visited each other in Tallinn and Oslo while developing the project together.

Solar panels on a white house in the suburbs© EEA grants

The Green ICT Programme in Estonia

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the Estonia - Green ICT Programme.

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