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Estonia: My Health Study - an App for Personalised Health Information

Man sitting by his office desk© Margus_Jäger_Quretec
In another Estonian-Norwegian partnership project, the company Quretec cooperates with partners Tartu University and Oslo University to develop the mobile app 'My Health Study' for your personalised health information.  This private-public partnership sets out to build firm foundations for the future of public health service and personalised medicine.    

My Health Study project was initiated by Quretec, an Estonian SME, and the University of Tartu Institute of Genomics based on previous cooperation om a biobank information system and donor information portal. They decided to invite the University of Oslo to partner with them in the project.

This resulted in the idea of My Health Study. The app speaks to the need for personalised medicine, prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and follow-up adapted to the biological characteristics of the individual. And it is developed under high security requirements with any personal identification being separated from the health information both in physical locations and cryptographic methods.

The project builds on Quretec’s current platform (Qure Platform). Read more on Quretec's website.

Pilots in Estonia and Norway

The project has collected medications side effects data in Estonia. The same was done in Norway by the University of Oslo.

Mr Margus Jäger, the CEO of Quretec, explains that:

"Quretec, University of Tartu and University of Oslo are working together in MyHealthStudy Green ICT project for improving the user experience of the health information collection on mobile devices. The collaboration gives project partners a framework and opportunity of collecting research data in pilot studies from Estonian and Norwegian participants with improved tools developed in the project."

A quicker, safer, and more personalised approach

Personalised medicine is foreseen to transform the e-health service, and vice versa. The e-health market is moving towards technology enablers (networks, devices, platforms, software, equipment) and health solutions (products, services, content, applications).

The transformation allows for information sources to be monitored or combined in ways that provide a quicker, safer, and more personalised health approach.

The app provides a portal for the collection of valuable health-related data like medications side effects or cognitive abilities. The app motivates users to improve their health habits and lifestyle. Users get visual feedback based on their test results. The project is to improve integrity of the database by introducing chaining of the audit log records using cryptographic methods. This improves the traceability and reliability of the data significantly.

The Green ICT Programme in Estonia

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the Estonia - Green ICT Programme.

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