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Estonia: IPDx Diagnostics - Improving Breast Cancer Screening with Data from Norway

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The Estonian company Auto MVA cooperates with Oslo University Hospital as well as the Cancer Registry of Norway (Kreftregisteret). The partners aim to improve breast cancer screening. 

The project aims to collect clinical utility and performance evidence on the Antegenes breast cancer risk test (AnteBC) in several scientific studies, to drive the clinical adoption with a feasibility pilot of AnteBC in Norwegian medical settings and to generate technical documentation for preparing a Norwegian reimbursement application. Check out this video:

Breast cancer screening in the EU is only age-based but mortality could be decreased by around 20% if screening programmes would consider AnteBC individual test results. However, as European healthcare markets are heavily fragmented and regulated, population-wide adoption of a new solution requires public reimbursement to end-users. Clinical adoption requires proof of clinical utility and feasibility of its use in the local medical setting. Project promoter OÜ Antegenes has registered a polygenic breast cancer (BC) risk test, AnteBC as an CE-certified medical device.

Partnership with Norway

The project partnership includes the best scientific expertise within Norway to assess the performance and utility of our tests for the local settings, one of the largest hospital trusts to apply this in a clinical practice and a well-connected cancer knowledge cluster to communicate results and drive engagement in the local stakeholder community.

As Antegenes continues developing their services in Norway, the Oslo Cancer Cluster will be a solid link with the Estonian medtech knowledge hubs and will continue acting as a mediator of knowledge between all counterparts to service future cooperation between various stakeholders of precision medicine.

The Green ICT Programme in Estonia

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the Estonia - Green ICT Programme.

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