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CROATIA - geodetic company "Geometricus" Introduces new, innovative hydrographic measurements

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GEOMETRICUS, a dynamic and innovative  geodetic company from Eastern Croatia, offering wide range of geodetic services seems to be apt for a new (quantum) business leap!

After it has purchased, and put into operation the advanced cutting-edge remote sensing technology for hydrographic measurements, which was supported by Norway Grants, it will be able to add this new and sophisticated service to its portfolio, that will literally skyrocket Company’s competitiveness!

Application of this technology will also have strong social benefits, as it will prevent many floods with disastrous consequences.

Resolving the issue of frequent flooding in Croatia

We all remember very well the recent flooding events in Croatia, such as flooding of the costal area in Split, due to unprepared infrastructure, breaking of the dam in Pozega under water pressure, and especially flooding of the area around Gunja due to breaking of embankment following heavy rains, when many people were displaced from their homes. These and similar events showed that management of water bodies in Croatia was not at the satisfactory level.

This is because the technology currently used in Croatia is simply not apt for preventive management, and methods for measuring and mapping of water bodies still predominantly include classic terrestrial geodetic approaches. These include rod and prism and total station, and require the ability to approach to the position of the sea or water bottom, which in reality is often not the case. On top of the above, due to technical difficulties measurements are often not done regularly, and this all increases the risk of flooding.

Cutting edge technology

On the other hand, with this new technology that applies remote sensing methods, like LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) laser scanning, thermo-vision inspection, and other, and by creating sea, coast, river, lake and other water bodies “digital twin”, Geometricus will be able to provide dynamic support in sea and water bodies monitoring and maintenance, and therefore prevent further flooding.

On 16th March 2023, Sveuciliste Sjever (University of North), Varazdin, hosted Geometricus’ representatives who presented this new, cutting edge technology mostly to students of geodesy, so that they can be prepared for the future in their profession, that is actually already happening.

Supported by Norway Grants

To be able to purchase the above equipment Geometricus applied for funding under Norway Grants’ Business Development and Innovation Croatia Programme, and was support with the Grant in the amount of EUR 190.000.

It is expected that the project alone will lead to 77% increase in operational revenues and 10% increase of operational profit of the company, and 6 new employments by the year 2026.

Business Development and Innovation Croatia

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more on the Business Development and Innovation Programme in Croatia.

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