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Croatia - DOK-ING develops new solution for textile waste management

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Global fashion industry currently produces over 92 mil. tons of textile waste annually, and trends are growing. Textile waste is currently being disposed through landfilling or incineration - an “unfriendly” solution for the environment, while only 2% of textile waste is being recycled.

Current trends in favor of artificial materials are even more problematic for the environment.

Today, textile industry is responsible for approx. 10% of all global emissions, and apparently, this problem will only grow if the solution is not found. European Commission is aware of this problem, and there is a clear requirement within EU legislative framework for the introduction of new technology for the textile waste disposal, but adequate solution on the market simply does not exist.


DOK-ING from Zagreb, Croatia, an international market leader in robotic systems that is present in 50 countries and 6 continents across the Globe has united its expertise and know how with Probotica’s experience in developing control systems for nuclear reactors, in order to develop a mobile (transferable) solution for Textile Waste Management through Gasification, which will represent novelty on the international market.

The solution will solve the pressing issue of textile waste treatment, in safe and environmentally-friendly manner, with E-neutral composition of flue gas to be emitted into the environment, but will also provide number of additional benefits, such as:

  • Clean syngas, which could be used for space heating and sanitary hot water preparation,
  • Solid residue with high percentage of carbon, which can be reused in construction industry,
  • Ability to reuse of process water used for syngas purification,
  • Energy self-sustainable process of gasification.


The protype that is currently being developed will be placed in the premises of Humana Nova, the social cooperative from Čakovec that is collecting textiles, reusing and recycling it, and is also DOK-ING’s partner to this project.

The solution should be available on the market in one year time, and in addition to strong green component and decarbonizing effect that it has, the project should also result in significant business befits for the company, in terms of:

  • Increased revenues of approx. 14.07 mil. Euro on average annually (2024-2027) compared to 2020,
  • Increased operating profit: of approx 2,8 mil. Euro on average annually (2024-2027) compared to 2020
  • Increased number of staff: by 87 by 2027 (198 total).

The project was supported by Norway Grant, Croatia’s Business Development and Innovation Programme, with the grant in the amount of Euro 247,000.

Business Development and Innovation Croatia

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more on the Business Development and Innovation Programme in Croatia.

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