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Bulgaria: Innovative construction profiles made of 100 % recycled PVC

Plastic pellets in different colours© Photo: Plast Commerce 93 Ltd
Plast Commerce 93 is a small family-owned company founded in 1992. Based in Bulgaria, the company’s main activity is the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in manufacturing and production of PVC compounds. The company recycles and uses PVC waste to produce new products, mainly for the construction industry.

Innovative profiles for roof construction

The project addresses the need for more effective, longer-lasting, less expensive, and simpler-to-fix solutions for roof construction, repair, and reconstruction among households and construction companies. The project's goal is to produce and market a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly product made entirely of recycled PVC that is also recyclable.

Traditionally, a roof's grill beneath the tiles is made of wood. This project aims to replace the wood with profiles made entirely from waste PVC. The PVC construction repels moisture and does not rot due to material properties. Thanks to an innovative design, it provides constant ventilation, is easy to use and halves the installation time.

Recycling discarded PVC products

The company strives to utilise discarded PVC products as much as possible. To manufacture the unique PVC construction profile, the company began recycling an additional 50 tons of PVC every year, saving 100 to 140 tons of wood, achieving additional environmental benefits. This amount of recycled PVC is anticipated to increase to 70 tons in the project's fifth year.

In addition to a new production line, a new micronize machine was bought, allowing Plast Commerce - 93 to process and recycle also production scraps, which are typically demanding materials to process.

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By implementing the project, the company hopes to increase its competitiveness, improve its position in the domestic market, and boost sales and profit. Simultaneously, the goal is to create a more efficient and sustainable company strategy incorporating international sales channels.

The project has succeeded in the following:

  • Creating new jobs
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Growth in sales, income, and profit of the company

The Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Growth Programme in Bulgaria

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the SMEs Growth Programme in Bulgaria.

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