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Bulgaria: Helping dementia patients and their families with new welfare technology

MedTechLab EOOD’s ambition was to develop a new welfare technology solution that would bring substantial value to both dementia patients and their relatives and caretakers. Being a small company from North-East Bulgaria, the project also aimed to increase the company's competitiveness.

Easier and more reliable care for people with dementia

Looking after a relative with dementia is a serious challenge. Dementia patients can go out at any time of the day, in hot or cold weather, with or without proper clothes. This means that locating the person can sometimes be lifesaving. MedTechLab EOOD’s new technology focuses on monitoring the patient’s condition and controlling the factors that can slow down deterioration.

MedTechLab EOOD specialises in outsourced services in the IT and engineering sectors and is focused on developing and bringing to the market solutions to elderly people. Since 2019 it has started to develop its own product – a smart monitoring device for dementia patients and a solution for real-time location of the same patients. MedTechLab EOOD had to develop a technological smart device, addressing the following challenges:

1) Locating a lost dementia patient with real-time location

2) Actively monitoring their condition

3) Sudden fall detection

Use of artificial intelligence

The smart device collects needed data and then sends it via the mobile network to the company's servers for immediate analysis. The data is processed by new technology and artificial intelligence algorithms to track the changes in the patient’s behaviour. The results are then visualised on the web and mobile applications, and all users with granted access can see them. The settings allow push notifications when something requires attention. The interval between each transmission could also be set - from live streaming to every second hour. Part of the factors that can be controlled to slow dementia is physical activity and a good night’s sleep. To slow down deterioration, dementia patients must live active lives, and the system can help monitor their status.

The grant amount of the project is EUR 99,000. The project has resulted in the developing of a new technological solution for monitoring and two new products - a smart wearable device and a smart home unit. In addition, 3 new jobs were created.

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The Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Growth Programme in Bulgaria

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the SMEs Growth Programme in Bulgaria.

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