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Bulgaria: Green biomass energy

Grain sorting machine© Photo: Hiteck Ltd
Equipment for pelleting in operation.
Hiteck is a company in rural Bulgaria which manufactures articles from wood. Together with a Norwegian partner, the company has implemented a Norway Grants project introducing green technology to produce biofuel from waste wooden materials.

One of the largest forest plants are situated in Banite, Bulgaria, and 20% of its products are waste wood material. Thanks to this project, the wood waste is now used for eco-innovative business development for the first time. The bio-waste is sustainable and improves the ecological environment.

Cooperation with Norwegian partner

The Norwegian partner, Standard Bio AS – Utgard AS, contributed with expertise and technology transfers. Thee partner provided the engineering solution for energy-efficient drying and grinding thorough an innovative use of technology and natural resources.

Green impact

The project was an eco-initiative related to material efficiency and improved waste management. It developed and installed new technology for production of biofuel, which led to a green trend of less energy demand as the company uses 16,000 m3 bio waste, thus less wood burnt.

The production and use of pellets have a climate effect and replacing use of coal or gas in housing/buildings. The installation of the pellet production line produces 4,000 tons of pellets per year that has the climate effect of approx. 8,000 tons of CO2 if replaced with coal.

Pellets were still new on the Bulgarian market mainly due to relatively high investment costs and low purchasing power compared to other EU countries. The most popular use of biomass in Bulgaria nowadays is direct combustion of firewood, which is highly ineffective because in most cases it is carried out in facilities with low efficiency.

Impact in the local community

The project generated 15 new jobs in a rural area with high percentage of unemployment. The project also led to the collection of wood waste and operation of the new technology lines. The surrounding forest companies were provided with the possibility to supply waste wood debris, which had been unused so far. With a boiler being able to use such kind of combustible material for heat production, Hiteck can optimise cost and use lost material.

The Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Growth Programme in Bulgaria

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the SMEs Growth Programme in Bulgaria.

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