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Bulgaria: GALP (Green ALuminium caP) - Bulgarian-Norwegian Cooperation

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The Bulgarian company Herti will increase its production capacity and considerably improve the environmental footprint of the company`s operations through a partnership project with the Norwegian company ICB Digital AS, supported by the Norway Grants in Bulgaria.

Herti is a company established in 1993, listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, and a global leader (with clients on four continents) in the production of aluminum caps and other aluminum closure solutions for the beverage, wine, spirits, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Technological solution

The journey of Herti with Norway Grants started in 2021 with their project GALP (Green ALuminium caP). Their plan is to invest in a last-generation Printing line and Platform for varnishing of aluminum sheets which will not only increase its production capacity but will considerably improve the environmental footprint of the company`s operations through prevented CO2 emission as a result of improved energy efficiency (both electricity and natural gas) as well as through decommission of coloring chemicals.


The Norwegian company ICB Digital AS is contributing to the project significantly given their valuable expertise when it comes to introducing digital solutions to manufacturing companies worldwide. Through their involvement in the project, Herti will develop a sophisticated digital system for internal management of the production processes and related operations.

Environmental benchmarking in the sector

We selected to support Herti`s endeavor, and we are also recognising their active position and involvement in shaping the policies in the aluminum processing sector. Not only on a national level but also on the European level through various environmental benchmark activities.

Wherever you are the next time you open a drink or a shampoo, think that it could include a fraction of the Bulgarian culture and history embedded in the ancient town of Pliska. Pliska was the capital of the first Bulgarian state established back in 681 and is where Herti is located today.

The Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Growth Programme in Bulgaria

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the SMEs Growth Programme in Bulgaria.

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