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Breaking Ground for a Greener Future: AROMA PLC's Eco-Friendly Packaging

Recycling packaging technology for monomaterial tube for cosmetic products© Photo credits: AROMA
Plastics, those ever-present materials, are wreaking havoc on our environment with their non-biodegradable nature. But AROMA PLC, a big player in the Bulgarian cosmetics industry are, with the help of EEA and Norway Grants, stepping up with a game-changing project.

Through inclusion into the “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs” programme in Bulgaria, AROMA PLC has embarked on a mission to revolutionize cosmetic tube packaging, making it 100% recyclable and eco-conscious.

Picture this: cosmetic tubes with complicated materials like foil and tricky top seal membranes that make recycling a nightmare. AROMA PLC knows it's high time for a more sustainable approach. Their current production setup isn't helping – outdated equipment produces hard-to-recycle tubes and piles up industrial waste. With the support of the EEA and Norway Grants, that is all about to change.

However, AROMA PLC's venture isn't solely about adopting greener materials. They're delving into cutting-edge technology, aiming not only for recyclability but also unparalleled packaging quality. What's more? They're pioneering digital printing, a technology that's rapidly advancing, delivering crisper images, less waste, and speedier design launches.

In technical terms, AROMA PLC is setting its sights on polypropylene as the prime material for their innovative tube packaging. This tried-and-tested choice undergoes tweaks and integration for optimal performance, guided by their Bulgarian project partner, ELNA Ltd.

This project, supported by EEA and Norway Grants have amplified AROMA PLC's market competitiveness solidifying their role as a cosmetics industry innovator. AROMA PLC's game plan encompasses perfecting new technology, securing top-tier equipment, showcasing pilot line production, and embracing digital printing. The outcome? Tubes that not only benefit the planet but also shine with exceptional print quality, durability, and minimized waste.

AROMA PLC isn't merely talking the talk; they’re walking the walk. Amidst a plastic crisis, projects like AROMA PLC's stand as testament to the power of ingenious solutions, charting the course for eco-friendly businesses and a healthier Earth.

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