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Breaking free from plastic: Biomycs mushroom-led journey towards a circular economy

Picture of packaging made of mycelium and paper.© Biomyc
Embarking on an eco-friendly journey, Biomyc Ltd., a Pleven-based start-up, teamed up with Europe's leading mycelium producer Grown.bio and with the help of Norway grants they launched an important project. Their mission? To say a final goodbye to plastic packaging problems. By introducing mycelium and paper alternatives, they are leading the way to a plastic-free circular economy. 

Biomyc's Mycelium-Based Packaging

Founded in 2018, Biomyc specializes in creating eco-friendly products using the roots of fungi, known as mycelium, to create unique product design and development. Their project confronts the widespread environmental menace of Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) by introducing mycelium-based packaging - a game-changing, biodegradable solution created by combining mycelium with agricultural waste like straw or husk.It is a simple yet groundbreaking way to make packaging thatsbetter for our planet.

Cutting Carbon Footprints with Biomyc

With the potential to cut a staggering 6 kg of CO2 emissions per kg of traditional plastic production, Biomyc pioneers a cost-effective alternative targeting cosmetics, wine & spirits, and pharmaceutical industries. This type of packagingis simple and flexible and fits perfect within the circular economy and avoiding the use of plastic in the everyday life.

Expanding Market Access

Spreading beyond Bulgaria, Biomyc aspire to make a lasting impact on the entire EU market. Their commitment on providing eco friendly packaging is not just about the environment, but also a strategic move to strengthen their position in the market, boost sales, and increase profitability. It’s a strategic move to thrive in the market and boost profitability.

Bulgarian-Norwegian cooperation

Biomyc's collaboration with Grown.bio, fueled by Norway Grants, reallyshowcases the great power of bilateral partnerships. Together, they've unleashed an eco-friendly packaging revolution, contributing not just to Bulgaria's competitiveness but also paving the way for sustainable solutions across the EU. Innovation Norway's support for such transformative projects highlights the shared commitment to a greener, more circular future and how it is really working toward this goal.


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