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Bali.D.o.o: expanding Business horizons with Norway Grants

Maria from Innovation Norway visiting Bali© Innovation Norway
Maria from Innovation Norway visiting Bali
Backed by the EEA Grants 2014-2021 through the “Business Development and Innovation Croatia Program”, Bali. D.o.o. is revolutionizing its operation with cutting-edge automatic equipment. Beyond enhancing efficiency, these machines are committed to a dual objective: reducing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainability. Additionally, the implementation of these machines is poised to result in a reduction in annual energy consumption and water usage.

Bali d.o.o. is a provider of sewing and garment production services for European fashion brands.Collaborating with Innovation Norway and the EEA grants,the project aims to revolutionize the company's capabilities, addressing equipment limitations, increasing automation, and expanding its workforce. 

Navigating challenges with Innovation Norway and Norway Grants

The urgency for sustainable practices in the textile industry is evident due to its significant environmental impact. With textiles ranking among the top sectors contributing to environmental degradation, Bali D.o.o. is committed to mitigating its footprint. Consequently, through NorwayGrants, Bali D.o.o. has invested in cutting-edge automatic equipment, foreseeing substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, material consumption, and energy usage. Furthermore, by optimizing drafts and repurposing unused fabric remnants, Bali minimizes textile waste and maximizes efficiency throughout the production process.

Driving green initiatives

In January 2024, the Innovation Norway team visited the company, recognizing the importance of making industries greener as a key priority of the Norway Grants. Witnessing how investments backed by the Norway Grants drive the green shift in the textile production industry, the team acknowledged Bali's commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Moreover, Bali d.o.o. anticipates the need for an additional workforce due to increased automation and production expansion. The Innovation Norway team was pleased to learn the company's clear agenda forgreat working conditions, such as providing their employees with bicycles and accommodation. This reflectstheir dedication to creating a conducive work environment and fostering economic growth in the region.

The expansion alsopresents opportunities to strengthen collaborations, including partnerships with entities like the Norwegian wool producer, Aclima. These alliances broaden Bali’s reach and contribute to a more robust business landscape. Through ongoinginitiatives, Balifortifies its position as a forward-thinking leader in the textile production industry.

Supported by the Norway Grants through the “Business and Innovation Croatia Program”,Bali's venture marks a transformative leap in the textile production landscape. Beyond acquiringmodern equipment, the project aligns with global calls for sustainability, revolutionizing Bali's capabilities. Through strategic partnerships with Innovation Norway, Bali not only reduces its environmental footprint but also fosters prosperity in the region. This collaborative endeavor not only yields positive environmental outcomes and enhanced efficiency but also paves the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future for textile production in Europe.

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