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AI Solution Pave the Way for Emission Reduction in Maritime Industry

Picture of Innovation Norway team visit to DeepSea Technologies in Greece© Innovation Norway
The shipping industry is under increasing pressure to meet the International Maritime Organization`s (IMO) decarbonization targets, aiming for a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and a 70% reduction in carbon intensity. Despite these ambitious goals, many shipping companies are falling behind due to a lack of robust vessel data necessary for operational efficiency improvements. To address this challenge, a project financed by the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021, under the Business Innovation Greece programme, was implemented. DeepSea Technologies Inc., in collaboration with the Norwegian partners SINTEF AS and G2 OCEAN AS, have Pythia Augment, an AI-driven software solution designed to optimize voyage planning and enhance fuel efficiency.

The primary objective of Pythia Augment is to deliver a digital solution that drives decarbonization in the shipping sector. This innovative software optimizes voyages for bulk carriers using low-frequency vessel data, aiming to reduce fuel consumption and emissions byproviding optimized voyage routes that consider weather forecasts, vessel specifications, and AI algorithms.

Bilateral cooperation

The project leveraged the expertise of two key partners, SINTEF AS and G2 Ocean AS. SINTEF, a leading independent research institute, focusedon user adoption methodologies, ensuring the technology`s practicality and user-friendliness. G2 Ocean applied the solutionto 5 vessels within its fleet to test the solution. 

This project not only enhances operational efficiency and reduces emissions, italso strengthens bilateral relations between Norway and Greece. It opens the Norwegian market of bulk carriers to DeepSea via G2 Ocean and provides access to one of Norway's leading research organizations, SINTEF. This partnership, combining commercial and research expertise, is well-positioned to drive the successful implementation of Pythia Augment and foster future collaborative research endeavors. 

Visit from Innovation Norway

Recently, Innovation Norway’sAthens team, along with representatives from the FMO,visited Deepsea’s offices in Athens. The companypresented Pythia Augment, which will result in a 10% reduction in emissions per vessel.The software is currently only applicable on bulk carriers;however, the global bulk carrier fleet consists of 12,500 vessels (10% of world fleet and 33% of the world gross tonnage), amounting to 133,7million euros annually.

The PythiaAugment represents a step towards achieving the decarbonization targets set for the shipping industry. By developing a digital solution tailored for bulk carriers, a segment that constitutesa significant portion of the global fleet, this project enhancesprofitability and provides a competitive edge for DeepSea Technologies. Through the collaborative efforts of DeepSea Technologies, SINTEF, and G2 OCEAN, Pythia Augment contributes to a more sustainable maritime future.

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