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EEA and Norway Grants' Oslo Innovation Week Event: Connecting European Innovators

Moderator Gaute Hagerup initiating a interactive session at the event. Moderator in front and the audience in the background© Bo Slettjord
Pictured: Moderator Gaute Hagerup
Oslo, Norway – Innovation Norway's much-anticipated event during Oslo Innovation Week 2023 has successfully concluded. Hosted at Pakkhuset in Oslo, this gathering brought together about 250 of the most promising startups and scaleups from Central and Southern Europe, including Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, and Slovakia.

A Convergence of Minds

Innovation Norway's event, centred around meeting innovative startups and scaleups from Central and Southern Europe, served as a vibrant platform for dynamic exchanges between visionary entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and business professionals. The event's primary focus was on fostering collaboration and exploring innovative solutions.

Key Insights Shared

Picture of key note speaker Martine Mæland© Bo Slettjord
Pictured: Key Note Speaker Martine Mæland

Keynote presentations from industry experts provided valuable insights into the workings of innovative startups. Martine Mæland, the Project Leader for Startups at Oslo Business Region, shared her extensive knowledge of Oslo's startup scene, highlighting the city's cooperation across different stakeholders and companies.

Key Note Speaker Tore Lie holding a presentation© Bo Slettjord
Pictured: Key Note Speaker Tore Lie

The topic of the future of AI in Europe was covered by Tore Lie, an expert in consulting and project management, delivered an informative presentation on the future of AI in Norway and Europe. This topic is particularly relevant in light of the EU's regulations and responses to this rapidly evolving technology.

Innovation on Display: Green Tech Pitches at Oslo Innovation Week

Seventeen startups from Central and Eastern European nations had the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions in green technologies. Their pitches captivated the audience and demonstrated the potential for creative, sustainable solutions.

Building Partnerships: Collaborative Efforts at Oslo Innovation Week

The matchmaking session was an instrumental part of the event. Entrepreneurs, businesses, scaleup professionals, investors, and researchers engaged in discussions that are likely to lead to future partnerships and collaborations. Having had the opportunity to book meetings with other participants in anticipation of the event, many came prepared and ready for these important interactions. For the many small and medium-sized enterprises, that had travelled from all across Europe, this session marked an important opportunity to expand their network and knowledge with likeminded from different corners of Europe.

People talking in the backyard at the event© Bo Slettjord

Supporting Innovation through Grants

In addition to facilitating collaboration, the event highlighted the significant role of the EEA and Norway Grants in supporting programs on Business Development, Innovation, and SMEs in Europe. These grants aim to increase competitiveness, value creation, and cooperation with Norway, thereby contributing to the reduction of social and economic disparities in Europe.

A Bright Future: Innovation Norway's Collaborative Event

Innovation Norway's event during Oslo Innovation Week 2023 celebrated the potential for collaboration and innovation between Norway and the countries of Central and Southern Europe. This event showcased the power of unity in advancing towards a sustainable and innovative tomorrow.The connections made, ideas exchanged, and partnerships formed are the foundations of future successes. Innovation Norway remains committed to fostering innovation, supporting startups, and building bridges across borders for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Streaming from the Event

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